Life Insurance

Life Assurance
A comprehensive protection for loved ones to provide protection, but also increase their own wealth banding. Deposit insurance can provide financial assistance for loved ones, reducing your future economic burden when it is mishap. Today planning for tomorrow, and let the family be blessed. Policyholder can choose a different contribution year; in line with your expectations also suit your financial needs.

Health Insurance
Health is a person's greatest asset, having a healthy body to work to bring home a good life. Our professional team can provide you with the different needs of program, which offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgery security, accountable, lifelong renewal, global security, and other services that reduce your financial burden of health care for you and your family to provide a strong economic backing.

life insurance

Investment-linked life insurance and life insurance is a long-term investment plan connected. One-off payment of a premium or a regular payment of premiums can be chosen alternatively. This plan allows you to invest in future contributions voted.

Children's Education
Raising and nurturing children, requires patience and a certain degree of economic viability. Children's education savings plans help you create wealth savings to support their children to study, while some plans including both children life insurance, so that children get the comprehensive protection and enjoy your savings results.

Keyman Insurance
To provide protection for the company important figures, important figures in the company may be the proprietor, important senior staff or professional technician. Once the officials have any loss, company can still reduce the financial losses, and can cope with the immediate expenses to find substitute staff.

Senior Care
As a child, elderly parents should take further vision and planning them the future. Insurance designed for middle-aged to elderly persons. Which, if unfortunate, the insured loss of ability to daily activities, or require hospitalization, will receive compensation, reduce the financial burden on the families, to better ensure timely acceptance of the insured proper treatment and care.

Retirement insurance
The case of the current economic instability, coupled with growth in average life expectancy, retirement means a long day. Only dependent weak MPF does not guarantee life. Different programs may be attached to the different insured life for you to choose, generally speaking, the insurance can provide you with retirement income monthly, aims at fulfilling different people’s need. You are entitled to choose to receive the monthly accrued interest or interest-bearing. Retirement insurance to help you fight through inflation, reducing the burden of child supports, also provides protection for your families a better life.

Term Assurance
Term assurance premiums can enjoy low maximum sum insured, guaranteed renewal every year, can also be required to install a different rider, for the family and buy their own peace of mind.

Lady Insurance
Provides a variety of comprehensive security, including most of the disease, and cancer lesions before the disease. Plan further includes a physical examination every two years, early detection of problems as soon as possible to make the economic budget. This plan may attach more complications during pregnancy and for newborn babies to full-scope safeguards, reduce troubles and as a powerful backing for ladies.

To provide you with the right amount of periodic annuity, assist you to afford your retirement payment. You can choose a different year savings of accumulated wealth in order to provide protection for retirement.

Critical Illness Insurance
Although medical technology is advanced, sometimes people will still inevitably suffer the pain struck. Critical Illness Insurance focuses on providing medical care for many common diseases, to assist in bringing the heavy economic burden due to treatment, and even get cash advances, to assist in emergency treatment. Critical Illness Insurance has a number of programs to choose from, but also the integration of financial flexibility and savings in a single program.

Mortgage Insurance
Most people work hard just to give his family a comfortable home. However, accidents can happen at any time, if the insured person was injured or maimed, or death, the insured will be able to obtain compensation to help covering the remaining mortgage payments for the family.