General Insurance

Home Insurance
Home is a place to relax, but also the most valuable gift. To find ways to make the home comfortable at the meantime, should also buy for home protection. Home Insurance can provide all sorts of unexpected support, such as water pipes burst, typhoons and other causes of damage to property, residential building construction, including the building structure and fixed decoration for losses arising from the disaster coverage, can obtain compensation; or some valuable collectibles, luxury home products, but also can be protected, insurance. In addition, the risk being borne by owners of rental units is not small, often resulting in property damage tenant arrears of rent and other issues. One owner’s liability insurance, can comprehensively protect property owners.

Travel Insurance
Go travel or relax in leisure should be a happy thing. If accident happens, it will make the whole encounter unexpected mood spoiled. So no matter what, we should get well prepared for any activity. Whether to take part in travel, take a cruise, or even has a habit on golf, etc., can provide comprehensive protection for your Leisure Time activities, so you can enjoy peace of mind all the time relaxed moment.

Commercial Insurance
Developing a business is not easy which needs to manage daily affairs and also to protect the store against accidents or disasters caused losses. A commercial insurance can provide you with comprehensive store security, including fire, theft, flood, etc. Your all accidents can be properly handled, allowing you to concentrate on your career kingdom.

Accident insurance
Accident is always hard to detect, life will inevitably have unfortunate day. An accident insurance can provide you with comprehensive protection, whether due to work accidents, traffic accidents or illness, can become a timely, for you and your family through sudden storm. Accident insurance has more than one plan, in line with your wonderful life is not the same, but also to provide you with the most personal protection.

China Card
If you encounter an accident resulting in bodily injury in the territory of China, and have to conduct emergency treatment. As long as you show the "China Card" as the accident credentials, you can check in designated hospitals to have immediate treatment without paying for hospital Deposit. Any travel times and stay for several days guarantee period.

Oversea Student
Whether it is a full-time student or a working person, attending short courses full-time courses, can be protected medical and property.

Working holiday
Working Holiday is the channel to succeed the dream for most of the people. The insurance designed for people 18-30 years old is custom-made to protect people in working holiday in financial problem and medical issues.

Motor Insurance
Traffic accident is difficult to avoid, but once if there is an accident, the car might be damaged, and are more likely to pay compensation to third parties. This car insurance can help you deal with problems arising from traffic accidents for you and your car.

Marine Cargo
Cargo insurance can protect the insured cargo shippers avoid to suffer losses due to various accidents, reduce the financial burden, to avoid affecting the daily operations of the company.

Maid Insurance
Many people are needed to help dealing with the housework by domestic helpers due to the busy working life nowadays. This Insurance in fulfilling responsibilities as an employer as the legal owner of the family can, and at the same time providing additional insurance coverage to domestic workers, employers may choose to have additional critical illness protection for their domestic workers as well.

Fire Insurance
The fire will not only make the property damage, which is also causing loss on company operation or renovation. Fire insurance is here for your important assets under fully protection and minimizes the loss.

Interior Decoration
Any renovation accident or any accident that may incur significant losses during decoration process. The insurance can protect home decoration, office and shop fitting, repair or refurbishment.